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Keep Your Instrument Maintained

When it comes to making your piano sound perfect, sometimes it requires more than just passion and talent. Your piano must also be maintained through consistent tuning and maintenance. This process ensures each note is clear and accurate for quality sound and a precise touch. 

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Piano Tuning Services

  • Thorough inspection of piano mechanism (action) for sticking keys, sluggishness, squeaks, etc.

  • Raise/lower pitch to A-440 standard pitch

  • Voicing hammers to soften or brighten the tone

  • Concert regulating to adjust touch

  • Pedal adjustments

  • Check tuning pin tightness

  • Complete cleaning of soundboard and action

  • Climate control system installation

  • Historical temperament tunings

Unknown Problems

In Your Piano

There may be problems with your piano that you can't detect or complications you simply don't know could be wrong. A piano inspection will help detect any existing or potential problems that could be affecting the sound or touch of your piano. 

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